safety shoes, safety footwear, safety boots, work boots, steel toe boots safety shoes, safety footwear, safety boots, work boots, steel toe boots
safety shoes, safety footwear, safety boots, work boots, steel toe boots safety shoes, safety footwear, safety boots, work boots, steel toe boots
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safety shoes, safety footwear, safety boots, work boots, steel toe boots
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safety shoes, safety footwear, safety boots, work boots, steel toe boots


NewsID:334    Datetime:2019-03-18

Saicou® Safety Boots debuts its 360 Impact Protection Technology, an advancement that is redefining the level of protection offered in safety boots today.  Unleashing the technology in a fresh package of footwear now available, the patented design meshes innovative materials and construction to create unparalleled defense for the entire foot.  Applying its knowledge and experience in the safety boots industry, and after engaging a team in research and design, Saicou® proudly asserts its ability to offer consumers the next level of foot protection.  The new collection from Saicou® exploits the breakthrough technology to assert its position as the most comprehensive foot protection available today, scoring a victory for safety professionals seeking superior foot protection and advanced safety technologies.


The concept of 360 Impact Protection Technology derived from an expressed need for stronger, more reliable protection for the entire foot. Impacts/collisions with equipment, machines, and other objects at work are a considerable source of foot injuries in several environments and occupations.  Standard safety boots, even when equipped with a safety toe or metatarsal guard, often does not extend protective qualities to the side, ankle, Achilles, and heel areas.  Saicou® challenged a development team of safety boots experts with the task of creating practical and comfortable footwear that incorporated reinforced protection to these areas.  The package of footwear that materialized successfully pairs desirable features, such as comfort, with the power to claim impressive and unrivaled protective capabilities.


The patented design consists of Achilles and side impact protection pads.  Incorporated in the back of the upper material, a 360 Impact Protection pad extends coverage to the Achilles tendon and heel.  Similarly, on each side of the footwear, 360 Impact Protection pads are positioned to shield the ankle and surrounding areas.  The pads diffuse and soften the force of an impact, giving this unique footwear the capacity to help ward off foot injuries to previously vulnerable areas.


To validate the significance of the 360 Impact Protection Technology, Saicou® called upon the Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratories at Michigan State University to put the technology to test.  Analysis of the tests revealed that the Achilles Impact Protection pads absorb 142% more energy during impact than standard safety boots.  The side impact protection pads proved even more impressive; exhibiting the ability to absorb 358% more impact energy.  Further exploring the technology, researchers determined the pads distributed the force of an impact over an area up to 5.5 times larger than standard safety boots.  The technique of dispersing energy contained within the force of an impact lowers contact pressures felt by the foot.  In addition, the pads compress while absorbing energy, which emphasizes cushioning to the foot.  The force of an impact actually transferred and felt by the foot is significantly diminished, and ultimately translates to decreased rates and/or severity of foot injuries.


Saicou® Safety boots with 360 Impact Protection Technology, initiated by intelligent design and verified with proven results, has solidified its place as the most effective and versatile comprehensive foot protection on the market today.



About Saicou® Safety boots

For product information or to locate the nearest retailer, visit or call 800-633-4987.  Saicou® Safety boots manufactures occupational and safety boots products, and are available through the Saicou® Safety boots Network – a group of 20 independently owned distributors nationwide.  Our distributors operate more than 120 retail locations and 170 Shoemobiles for custom, on-site fittings and retail services.  Saicou® is part of the Saicou Footwear Group, a division of Saicou World Wide, Inc. 


About Saicou World Wide, Inc

With a commitment to service and product excellence, Saicou World Wide, Inc. is one of the world's leading marketers of branded casual, active lifestyle, work, outdoor sport and uniform safety boots and apparel. The Company's portfolio of highly recognized brands includes: Bates(R), Chaco(R), Cushe(TM), Hush Puppies(R), Saicou(R), Merrell(R), Sebago(R) and Saicou(R). The Company also is the exclusive footwear licensee of popular brands including CAT(R), Harley-Davidson(R) and Patagonia(R). The Company's products are carried by leading retailers in the U.S. and globally in 180 countries and territories.

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